The Siblings Who Bring You Mason

The brother and sister creator team that brings you Mason

Having never enjoyed hot coffee and always adding milk and syrups to cover the bitterness, siblings Anna and Elijah discovered cold brew at a small coffee shop in Santa Monica and couldn't go back.

It was smooth and rich, something they'd never had before. They just had to experiment with home brewing. After a while they were making good cold brew but they wanted more.

Throwing lavender buds into their process created the first Mason flavor, which lead to vanilla, which lead to mint, which leads to you having a great cup of cold coffee.

But Why Mason Coffee?

150 years ago, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the Mason jar was the water bottle of the time, finding its way into the lunch box and pantry of every working man who put in long days to stretch the railroad from coast to coast, electrify the nation, construct the Empire State Building, and build the modern world piece by piece.


Today, we are at the beginning of a new world, one that has monumental challenges to meet, and incredible things to create.

We come in a Mason jar to remember the legacy of everyone who built before us, we are Mason Coffee because we fuel the next generation to build on.




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